MA-5 B
  Cushcraft 3-element Beam 
  Radio #4 -Kenwood TS-2000 for HF and Sats.
Radio #2 -
Omni 7 Model 588
  Radio #3 -
Flex Radio 3000
  Yaesu DMU Screen displaying
Rotator Settings
  MA5-V vertical and Cushcraft MA5-B beam
The International Morse Preservation Society
Cushcraft MA5-B 3 ele. Beam elevated 35 feet. (1/2 wavelength for 20 Meters)
Analog SSTV image received with Ham Radio Deluxe DM-780 software
AMSAT Amateur Radio Satellite Org.
Member, 2010-11
Each radio is interfaced to a dedicated computer + LCD screen, and is connected to a separate antenna. Any of the 4 HF radios can be used to operate Digital, CW, or SSB. My station can monitor multiple modes or different bands at the same time. More than one radio/antenna combination can be used, when necessary, to enhance copy using dual diversity reception. One mouse and keyboard controls several computers and screens using Synergy software.  A Yaesu FT-847 is used for Satellite and 2 m ISS FM digital packet with a separate 2m/440 antenna.  

I assess daily band conditions with, which displays a world map of  signals recently transmitted / received. Using R.F. Buckner's ACE-HF Pro, I can predict propagation probability by date, time, mode, and band.

My 5 radios can be controlled directly by CAT
(and remotely over a fast internet connection)
using Pegasus Plus or radio-specific software.

Remote Control is accomplished using LogMeIn
software and a wireless laptop, smart phone, or
iPad connected through the local home Router
or over internet. (See Remote Control page).

Radio #1 - Yaesu FT-950       
HF Propagation Prediction software
ACE-HF PRO v. 2.06 propagation program
I find that N4PY's "Pegasus Plus" Program is an amazingly versatile rig control program, and use it routinely to control 4 different rigs and modes.
"Pegasus Plus" run local or
remote CAT
"Synergy" control multiple screens
"PSKreporter" post dx signal receptions
See US and World SSTV cams
"USTAR space wx" display 15 MHz. propagation
"Fists CW Club" Member # 9491
PSK reporter website gives posted data from signal reception sites around the world minutes after a signal is sent, and can be used as an indication of where signals are being heard or reliably decoded. It even tells you what kind of antenna the receiving station is using !!
Paul, G0HWC, from England, maintains one of the most informative ham radio sites on the web. Here one can see received images of SSTV or Digital SSTV moments after they have been received by participating monitors from around the world. K3AS is proud to be one of those participating Stations.
Main Radio Desk 5 active  Radios
"NAQCC QRP" CW Club Member # 2819
Station Transcievers
1. Yaesu FT-950
2. Ten Tec Omni - 7 model 588
3. Flex 3000 SDR
4. Kenwood TS-2000 or TS-480 SAT
5. Yaesu FT-847 for 2 meter FM ISS Packet

HF Antennas for 40-10m.
1. Cushcraft MA5-B 3-ele. Beam
2. Cushcraft MA5-V Vertical
3. Gap Eagle Vertical
4. MFJ-1775 Rotatable Dipole

VHF/UHF Antenna for 2m/440
Comet GP-6 Vertical

Ameritron AL-811H @ 600 watts (SSB, SSTV, Digital (drm) SSTV), Mirage 1016G 2m @ 160 w.

Computers (5)
3 - Laptops running Vista Home premium, and 2 - running XP Home // Processors 1.6 - 2.0 GHz.

CAT Control
Pegasus Plus, HRD v. 5.0 beta

Operating Software
DM-780, MMSSTV v. 1.13a, JT-65HF, Chromapix v.1.6, Pegasus Plus, HRD v.5.0, Easy Pal dig SSTV, KG-STV, UISS v 5.2.6 and AGWPE for ISS Packet

Sound Card Interfaces
Tigertronics USB, Ten Tec USB, VAC for Flex Radio

Signal Analysis
Yaesu DMU unit Band Scope/Oscilloscope

Antenna Tuners
MFJ-993 Intellituner, 962, 949.

Bencher Iambic / Yaesu MD-100

One Logsys Illuminated Keyboard/mouse using Synergy Software controls 5 laptops and Screens.

  Radio #5 - Yaesu FT-847 (2M ISS packet)
  MFJ-1775 (rt) Comet GP-6 2m/440 (top) Gap Eagle (lt)

Digital Modes Club
Member # 2523
run computer by remote control