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These SSTV images are a sample of those received by K3AS on 145.950 FM using a Yaesu-FT-847 w/. Mirage pre-amp, and Comet GP-6 2m/440 Vertical antenna elevated 50 ft. (approx 15m).
Arissat-1/KEDR Amateur Radio Satellite was deployed from the ISS on August 3, 2011 and began transmitting SSTV and FM voice messages on 145.950 FM. The Satellite also operated (1) a 435-145 MHz Linear Transponder, (2) a 145.919 MHz CW beacon, and (3) 145.920 MHz SSB BPSK-1000 telemetry. SSTV and FM voice are Rx ONLY.
You can get your own !! An ARISSat-1 Reception Award for SSTV (and voice reception)
is available. Apply for this and other ARISSat awards at www.arissat1.org
Satellite is Deorbited, no longer active
FM SSTV and voice transmissions can be received, for the most part, using average equiment. Rotatable alt/az tracking antennas and tuning to accomodate doppler shift are beneficial but not essential.
A basic SSTV software configuration (similar to HF) is required. See the SSTV page for details. Rx-SSTV is a receive-only freeware program from Guy, ON6MU, that is specially designed for this purpose and is based on the MMSSTV software engine.
Visit the AMSAT Website for - Arissat How To: Operating Tips, Pointers, and Downloads
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The following recently appeared on the ARRL website Jan 5, 2012
'According to AMSAT, ARISSat-1 stopped transmitting on the morning of January 4, 2012. It is believed that the satellite re-entered the Earth's atmosphere [over Japan] around 0700 UTC and was destroyed soon after.
Read the ARRL Statement. - -
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